I Needed to See the Motivation of Other People to Get Myself Going

I think I had given up on losing weight for several years. I kept seeing people say that it’s okay to be who you are, and I fell for that. But then I began to see many before and after weight loss photos online. That seemed so inspirational to me, and it give me the energy to see what’s possible and finally do something about all the weight that I had gained. I needed to see proof that it is worth it to get the job done.

It did not help me at all to see all the people who were saying that there really is no reason to fret about losing weight because you are what you are. Continue reading

A Plan to Be More Active

I have spent too much time on the couch this winter and so I am working on losing about ten pounds or so this summer. It is not going to be that difficult to figure out how to do a program of weight loss in Alaska obviously. You can just go out of doors and start working, there is always some work that needs to be done. Like most people up here we burn wood and you need to have plenty even in the summer. It is going to get cold at night. In the winter you are not going to want to be chopping wood and splitting wood. It is murder if you have to work hard and bust a sweat in the sub zero temperatures. That is a good way to break a sweat and get a good work out. Of course it is a really easy thing to think about when you want to lose weight, but doing it is quite a different story.

The logic is perfectly simple. You try to burn off more calories than you put in your gut. Continue reading

The Best Fitness Tracker for Me

I wanted to get a fitness tracker, but I honestly had no idea which one was the best. Most of my friends have one, but they each have different kinds. Of course, they are going to think theirs is the best, which did not help me at all. I decided to just compare the different ones online to see which one would be best for me. I found a site that compares different ones, and this is the page that helped me the most. http://bestpedometersreview.com/fitbit-vs-jawbone-up/ compared two of the top brands, and I was able to read extensively about the pros and cons of each one.

I really liked the Fitbit and Jawbone fitness trackers, and I thought that either one of them would have been good. Continue reading

Getting Fit and Staying Fit with Athletic Team Building Groups

Getting with other people to get fit was what I needed. I could not do it on my own. I could not motivate my family to participate with me because of all of my failed prior attempts.They would not say it, but they had pretty much given up on me as far me getting back into shape was concerned. I started out on my own once again, and made a little headway. It was when I got into athletic team building that I started to excel. The drive to reach goals is much better when you have others who are being driven to reach goals. You do it as a team, and everyone carries their own weight, no pun intended.

Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. At different times on your journey to being fit you can rely on your own strength and that of others. Some people can help you not eat the bad stuff. Continue reading

Learning to Jump Higher for Dunking

I have been working on strengthening my leg muscles, with the hopes that it will help me to jump higher. I have had this goal in mind for years, and I am not quite there yet, but I definitely think that it is attainable. That is to be able to dunk. I want to learn how to dunk and maybe one day be able to do some cool trick dunks, but to be honest with you, I would be pretty happy if I could just do the most simple dunk in the world.

I am lucky that my hands are big enough to palm a basketball, because I think this would be a lot harder of a challenge if they were not. If they weren’t big enough to palm a basketball, then I guess I would have to go up to the rim with two hands on the basketball, and that is a good bit harder than just doing it with one hand. I think that if I tried to go up with two hands, I would not even get close at all. Continue reading

I Wanted to Have Bigger and Stronger Muscles

The first time I heard about the Visual Impact Muscle Building program, I thought that it might be something that would be beneficial to me. I liked that it would help me get quicker results for my muscle building goals, but I didn’t want to start doing it until I learned more about it. I figured the best way I could do that would be by going online and reading a review of Visual Impact Muscle Building program. It was pretty easy finding the information that I needed, and it also convinced me that this was definitely the right route to go.

I was able to read about the different ways to increase muscle mass. The first is sufficient in increasing muscle size. Continue reading