I Needed to See the Motivation of Other People to Get Myself Going

I think I had given up on losing weight for several years. I kept seeing people say that it’s okay to be who you are, and I fell for that. But then I began to see many before and after weight loss photos online. That seemed so inspirational to me, and it give me the energy to see what’s possible and finally do something about all the weight that I had gained. I needed to see proof that it is worth it to get the job done.

It did not help me at all to see all the people who were saying that there really is no reason to fret about losing weight because you are what you are. Some of them even said that the media was causing the problem, but I haven’t seen that at all. I think in general that it is important to be who you want to be personality-wise, as long as you are not an evil person. But that’s separate from losing weight. Of course, if you want to remain overweight, there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s the choice you want to make. But the reality is that if you are very overweight, we have proof that medical issues can transpire because of it. That is not what I wanted to happen to me.

I decided to take a photo of myself at the beginning of my journey with losing weight. I put it up on my refrigerator where I would be sure to see it each and every day. I needed to be reminded every time that I opened the door on the fridge that every bite of food that I had been mindlessly eating puts weight on. When I was done losing weight, I took a photo that showed how much I have lost. The differences are stunning!

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