Learning to Jump Higher for Dunking

I have been working on strengthening my leg muscles, with the hopes that it will help me to jump higher. I have had this goal in mind for years, and I am not quite there yet, but I definitely think that it is attainable. That is to be able to dunk. I want to learn how to dunk and maybe one day be able to do some cool trick dunks, but to be honest with you, I would be pretty happy if I could just do the most simple dunk in the world.

I am lucky that my hands are big enough to palm a basketball, because I think this would be a lot harder of a challenge if they were not. If they weren’t big enough to palm a basketball, then I guess I would have to go up to the rim with two hands on the basketball, and that is a good bit harder than just doing it with one hand. I think that if I tried to go up with two hands, I would not even get close at all. But when I go up with one hand, I do get pretty close.

On the best jumps I have ever done, I have gotten stuffed by the rim a few times. I can’t normally jump quite that high though, and so I want to learn everything I can about how to increase the height of your jumps. There have to be some tips and tricks out there to improve vertical leap. I think that improving the strength of your leg muscles is an obvious place to start. However, I am not sure which muscles are most heavily involved in the dunking process. I am sure that would be important information to have if I am going to try to exercise my legs.

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