The Best Fitness Tracker for Me

I wanted to get a fitness tracker, but I honestly had no idea which one was the best. Most of my friends have one, but they each have different kinds. Of course, they are going to think theirs is the best, which did not help me at all. I decided to just compare the different ones online to see which one would be best for me. I found a site that compares different ones, and this is the page that helped me the most. compared two of the top brands, and I was able to read extensively about the pros and cons of each one.

I really liked the Fitbit and Jawbone fitness trackers, and I thought that either one of them would have been good. My main concern was durability because I can get quite active. I was not just planning on counting my steps as I walk a mile around town. I enjoy hiking, jogging, biking and a lot of other fun things, so I definitely needed a fitness tracker that was going to be durable enough to handle all the activity that I do on a regular basis.

I was also concerned about cost because I am still paying back student loans. I did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a fitness tracker when I could apply the majority of that to my student loan debt. Because of these two factors, I finally decided on getting the Fitbit tracker because it was just the best fit for me. I have had it for nearly two months now, and I love everything about it. It is definitely durable enough for my activities, and it did not cost me much either. I spent less than a hundred dollars on it, and it is definitely worth every penny.

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